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Default Re: Who's number one in the east?

Originally Posted by Dirkules
i think good chances have boston, detroit and chicago.

But 'm looking forward how the raptors will do this year.
agreed, boston has high expectations and will be the best if they can live up to them (I am still concerned about their bigman depth and their pg positions- even though I like rondo). Pistons should be right there as one of the best teams in the east. Bulls as well, although their bigman rotation is pretty much a bunch of hustling athletes who can block shots and rebound but very raw offensively, a sf who can play the 4 and joe "im a bust" smith. Cleveland? Can they keep Z on the court enough? who is starting at the 1 or 2 (wherever they dont have larry hughes).

Beyond that, I expect jersey to be solid, toronto as well. Not sure about Orlando or really any of the southeast teams outside of Wash. Wow, so many of the good teams in the east could use one or two more quality bigs (Wash may keep tony massenburg?!?). Makes me appreciate the 4/5 rotation available to detroit since carlise took over. always 3 and generally more quality bigs on the team.
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