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Default Re: Race to the 1st place in Draft 2008

I think Mayo is the #1 pick if the draft is held today. He is the biggest name and might have the most potential out of the other top prospects. I expect him to have a pretty big year in college, but he is not NBA ready.

As of right now, I would say Rose is last on the list of players who have a chance to go #1, simply because he is a guard, and not as well known as Mayo. In the end the fact that he is a 6-4 PG will allow him to move up and be right there in the running for the #2 pick.

I think Batum will end up being the clear cut #1 pick when the draft rolls around. After this season and the pre-draft workouts, he will seperate himself from the rest.

I think Beasley is probably #2 on the list as of right now, but people forget he is 6-8, maybe 6-9. He is not 6-11 like Howard, Amare, or Bosh. He may be the next Brand, but I just don't think teams will fall in love with him because he only has average size. For him to go 2nd or 3rd a team would have to be looking for a forward in my opinion.

So to recap:
Right now:
1. Mayo
2. Beasley
3. Batum
4. Rose

By draft night:
1. Batum
2. Rose
3. Mayo
4. Beasley

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