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Default Re: Who's number one in the east?

I like Boston as the best team if I needed to win a game right now, but to me the Pistons' experience may get them to the finals again, and Afflalo/Stucky provide help off the bench that they didn't have last year. My #3 in the East is Chicago, although they could certainly be placed 1 or 2. I like all three of these teams, and each would put up a battle against the West in the Finals. If I needed to pick a team that would get all the way and my life depended on it or some crazy kid would come flailing knives at me, I would probably pick Detroit, with Chicago coming in a close second. I'm not quite sure how well the Celtics will do after an exhausting season, with a playoff run that they have to make right after the season. I just don't know if they can handle it.
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