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Default Re: Who's number one in the east?

#1: Detroit Pistons

I still think Detroit is tbe Beast in the East until something startling happens to the big starting four. And now that they have so many weapons waiting on the bench, I don't know how you can doubt them.

#2: Cleveland Cavaliers

I know they got issues right now concerning Pavlovic and Verajo, but how can you knock the team that just went to the Finals out of the top 3 in the East. No player in the NBA can cover LeBron James if he put his mind to it and stopped deferring the ball. (Case in point, he manhandled the Pistons singlehandedly.) They are the Eastern conference champions until proven otherwise.

#3: Chicago "Baby" Bulls

People said they weren't the baby bulls anymore after their regular season, but boy did they prove how baby they were once they met the Pistons. Strong young core and Big Ben in the middle to keep things sealed up. They could really make a move this year.

#4: Boston Celtics

This team has the biggest upside of any team in the East, yet they have the biggest downside, too. Ray Allen has had the injury bug nipping at him. Paul Pierce is fragile, as well. Keving Garnett is a TRUE SOLDIER, and there are no doubts in my mind about his game, but his body went through ALOT playing in Minnesota. So if any of their big 3 go down, their firepower drops significantly, especially since their bench migrated to Minnesota. But maybe Tony Allen will pick up where he left off before his knee injury.

And then, there is the rest of the East. LoL.
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