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Default Re: Trade Idea with Dallas

Originally Posted by BBallGuru08
The Mavs just extended Devin Harris to a sizeable, 5 year contract. This may make Jason Terry available for the right package. He's a PG that can really help this team and would be able to play off Wade as well.

Miami sends Wright (whom they aren't planning to extend), Mourning, Doleac, and Williams to Dallas for Terry, Diop, and Buckner.

This gives Miami a solid PG in Terry and a nice backup to O'Neal. Diop can start especially if O'Neal gets hurt. Dallas gets a bunch of expiring contracts which they desparately need.

Line up:

PG Terry - Parker
SG Wade - Cook
SF Walker - Hardaway
PF Haslem - Simien - Slaughter
C O'Neal - Diop

For the Mavericks:

PG Harris - Barea
SG Stackhouse - Jones - Ager
SF Howard - George - Wright
PF Nowtizki - Bass
C Dampier - Mourning - Mbenga
Look man, Miami is going to decline heavily over the next couple of years, just accept it. Other teams are NOT going to bail you out

Why the hell would Dallas do any major trades?? They had one of the best regular seasons ever last year, and are one of three surefire contenders for a title this season.
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