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While you say those things give Budinger an unfair advatage, they were the same things that gave Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Adam Morrison so much hype. I think those things actually hurt him. And yes I agree that Budinger has more potential than those guys, but people get labeled and compared based on that label.

I think Portland did better than most expected last year, and with a year under their belt, have Frye coming in, and Miles coming back, I don't expect them to do any worse than last year.

9. Phoenix from Atlanta-Serge Ibaka-PF-Congo-What can a team that is loaded at every position do? In this case Phoenix takes an 18 year old that they can keep in Europe for a few years. Ibaka may play the same position as their franchise player, Amare Stoudemire, but you never know what will happen three or four years from now when Ibaka is ready to play. What you do know is that Ibaka is tall, has a long wingspan, is athletic, and is only 18 years old.

Other possible picks: Danilo Gallinari gets a look and could be a replacement in case they lose Boris Diaw and Grant Hill retires
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