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Default Re: Race to the 1st place in Draft 2008

Originally Posted by monthh
But what good white American players have done well lately? Teams like trends and who are the recent white POY candidates? Adam Morrison? J.J. Redick? Luke Jackson? Nick Collison? Mike Dunleavy? I'm not saying Budinger isn't different, and I do think he will go top 10, but what is it that will make scouts think he isn't just another good college player?

And just to make sure, I do think he will be a good player. I had him picked by the Blazers, and I think he would be about equal to someone like Brandon Roy. Still, the draft is all about trends and the people who will be associated with Budinger have not had a ton of success.

I think Portland would be a nice spot for Air Bud but how much talent can the Blazer's stockpile? They're going to have tough choices to make down the road on who they pay and who they lose. I think Chase Budinger will be different than all those guys because he's got great athleticism and size (and has a jumpshot). Those players you mention are all one-dimensional. Adam Morrison is an awful athlete, a diabetic, and can't rebound or defend and is even a streaky shooter (and he's ugly and cries). J.J. Redick is an incredible shooter and was IMO a good pick where they took him (11th?), it's a draft pick and the draft is more miss than hit and they were comfortable giving up the pick for a player that can stretch the defense with Dwight in the paint, they knew he was just a pure shooter. Luke Jackson was a nice player who looked like the perfect sidekick for Lebron, unfortunately he has back problem. I think he could have been a good player if he didn't have the back problem. I don't remember the hype about Nick Collison but he is just a decent hustle player and should have taken that big money offer when he had the chance. Dunleavey was a joke and you can't say anything but wtf were they thinking. A rail thin shooter with average athleticism and skillset. I just think Budinger has that special something, he impressed me in his freshman season and he has that drive... I just wish he was more selfish at times.
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