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NEVER forget da SONICS
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Default choices

it was a throwaway line meant to get a response

a city has choices. when a city choose to cow-tow to millionaires who want the city to build a studium and then the OWNERS real the profits, that is a form of corporate welfare.

i would rather the city choose options such as building better schools/funding for teachers, fund creative options to deal with homeless people, improve infrastructure etc etc etc that benefit the whole of the city and the quality of life here

as much as i love nba hoops and the sonics, i would not have it at any cost--especially the price of our civic soul

the tickets are too expensive for the average joe; the nba these days is more interested in pumping up the lebron james' and selling their jerseys for $178....

let the folks in bellevue who can afford it front their millionaire cohorts
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