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Originally Posted by Kiss Murder
John Salmons for full MLE....I would like to hear your thoughts on phuck shot Geoff Petrie...

i hate to tell u guys i told u soooooo bonzi is gonna leave da team ...oh well we got youngsters now soooo phuck bonzi him and his greedy azz n wont a phuck shot geoff is hmmmmmmm i mean atleast he kinda redeemed himself cuz atleast we didnt lose out on salmons but it would of been good to have him and bonzi though but ahhhh well jus like i said bonzi was gone n i still know the team he was goin to ....... hey kiss murder lol we wont make the playoffs wit this roster lol unless that phuck shot does anther "block buster" move lol gettin salmons .......wowwowow now we can make the finals damnit
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