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Augustine is the ideal NBA player. absolutely flawless character. he's the perfect upstanding citizen. probably the best character player in the league as soon as he steps foot into it. not to mention great experience against awesome big 10 teams like MSU with Paul Davis and company. Augustine can rebound and put baskets back up like nobody could in the Big 10. Austine might be able to run the floor better than any big man in the draft. He is the tallest QB in Illinois High School history. He was 6 foot 10 playing QB for the Lincoln Way Knights. Augustine is incredibly intelligent and has above average handles for a big man. he's a lock for the 1st round because he's such a safe pick. you know exactly what you're going to get. ILLINOIS is a great school who has faced top notch competition for years on end. dee brown is underrated too. that's a whole nother story but i'll say it will be harder to find a mentally stronger player than dee brown. not to mention he only has one speed. and that's fast! he also played QB in high school for Proviso East. He too has a high basketball IQ and he's a natural born leader. afterall, he's the one man fast break.

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