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Default Re: What did J.R. do this time? Nugz suspend Smith for first 3 games of season

Originally Posted by loot
Looks like the Bulls front office knew EXACTLY what they had on their hands with JR.

It looks like they have a magical crystal ball that is why they predict the future of Jr Smith.

In fairness that is actually a very good trade in favor of the Denver Nuggets because they acquired a young SG that can fit perfectly on George Karl's System.

The reason that the nuggets wants to trade him is because of his attitude problem, and he is the reason that melo and company has been suspended because he overreact on that foul of Mardy Collins.

If Melo and him are not suspended the Nuggets would have been a top 4 team in the Eastern Conference, and Melo would be the current NBA Scoring Champion.

JR Smith is a talented player but he is a head case and that is one of the reason the Hornets traded him to the Bulls in the first place.
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