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I would say Rose is more like Payton, but obviously the defense, energy, and overall leadership Payton brought in his prime will be hard to match. I would say an easy comparison at this point would be Chris Paul. Good passer, good scorer, and good leader, but not at the level of an all-time great. At 6-4, though, Rose might have more potential than Paul does. If he improves his defense he could be closer to Jason Kidd. But at his best he will probably be a better scorer than Kidd, so a Kidd/Payton combo if he achieves his potential. So basically, I wouldn't bank on anything more than 16 and 7 in his prime, but 20 and 10 could be realistic if he works as hard as guys like Kidd and Payton. And speaking of a guy that plays a little like Payton...

14. Orlando-Darren Collison-PG-UCLA-Someone has to miss the playoffs after Bostonís improvement, and Orlando just loses out to Toronto. While they could use some help for Dwight Howard inside, Jameer Nelson just isnít a playoff PG, and while Collison isnít all that much bigger, he will be a better PG in the long run.

Other possible picks: Ty Lawson would be a good pick, but he is even smaller than Collison and probably wonít have the same impact for a team looking to win now
Hasheem Thabeet would give them a shot blocker, but isnít much more than a 10mpg guy at this point
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