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Default Re: The perfect Kobe trade

People need to realise that when superstars get traded their teams don't get anywhere near equal value back in return.

That trade stinks for LA, does Hinrich or Gordon have strawberry flavored nipples or what? Jesus can you people stop overrating those Chicago players. They aren't even all-stars, and probably will never be one...outside of Gordon, but all he does is score at will...can he do anything else at a high level? I haven't seen or heard much about those players, I have seen a few Bulls games and they seem like above average role players to me...only player that catches my eye on that team is Deng, I don't even understand behind Tyrus Thomas hype...he seems a weaker version of Darius Miles to me right now.

Minnesota got a fair deal out of Garnett, by getting Green & Jefferson and far as I'm concerned that's better then what Chicago is offering (if Deng isn't included) why exactly should we settle for that package, when Kobe is better then Garnett and when Kobe is younger then Garnett, huh?

I kindly reject that offer, and only interested in what Phoenix is offering...unless Chicago offers Deng and Gordon/Hinrich in a package. Or if Dallas parts way with a package of Howard, Harris & Terry.

Sincerely Laker fan.

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