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Default Please stop hating on Stephon Marbury

Me personally i love stephon marbury. Too me hes one of the best players i have ever seen play basketball. I support him 100%. Its like everybody want to hate on him fans the media its really not fair. I hate when people say well every team he left the team got better. Thats not fair to say becasue the T-Wolves never got better they were still losing untill they got cassel and spreewell in the first round. When he was playing with the Nets he was basically by him self the other players around was always injured, for example when Kidd was playing last year before they got Vince they were terrible if they didnt have vince they wouldnt be in the playoffs. And when he was playing with the Suns he ran a regular system with the Suns he didnt play the way the suns play now. They dont play regular basketball. People are trying to say hes not a point gaurd are your crazy. If hes not a point gaurd a lot guys arent point gaurds. Lets be real tony parker is a good player but hes not a point gaurd. When u watch the Spurs play, when he have the ball he does not give it up that much. Marbury pass the ball. I love the Knicks when u watch the Knicks play hes not the reason y they lose. So please STOP HATING ON MARBURY!
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