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Originally Posted by phatshady_c4
OK, firstly wade isnt a swingman.

secondly although they have talent and potential, wade and lebron are not 2 & 3. Tmac and pierce are. your not elite until youve done it for a long time.

lebron cant shoot like tmac and cant defend or come up clutch like pierce.

and 1 buzzer beater against bobcats is not clutch. kobe has been doing it for years, thats y he is clutch.

carter is not really that talented, like that mormon kid said. he's basically just athletic. he cant shoot, cant defend and cant think. wade and lebron are the same in the first two, but not in the third, which is why they are better than vc.

kobe is not only all nba in D like some1 said. he is the best shooting guard in defence and in offence, but his team needs his offence more than his defence right now. in terms of perimeter D, only artest and kirilenko are better. bowen is not because he is dirty. a good defender not only gets the statsbut does it properly.

finally 2/3's:

3.5. pierce
3.75 lebron
6.joe johnson
7.5 carter

Wow you say that Vince Carter can't shoot. Man that is just dumb. You put Ginobili and Johnson ahead of him. Carter is WAY better than them. I also think that he is better than Pierce but they bothe are superstars in the league. I'll admit that Carter isn't very good on D but he is an amazing offensive player. You made some dumb statments in your post.
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