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Default Re: EA Sports curse.

2K's College Hoops has more of a curse:

2K4 (First Game) - TJ Ford
During his rookie season was when he fell to the ground and suffered a spinal cord contusion. This was almost a career ending injury to a rookie who looked like one of the most promising young point guards in the league. He had to sit out a year for rehab and was then traded to the Raptors.

2K5- Josh Childress
The only rookie to appear on a cover and have a good rookie season but has been injury prone since and will miss this season with a stress fracture.

2K6 - Marvin Williams
As a rookie he had a decent year but was no wear near what he was projected to be. Everyone thought he would be great because he came off the bench at North Carolina but he was one of the biggest impact players on the team. The Hawks took a gamble because he they never really saw him play a full game in college. He averaged 8 points per game but was the 2nd overall pick. He has shown improvement but still has not been what they have thought he would be.

2K7- JJ Redick
Injured his foot his rookie year and didnt start playing remotly well until February. He only played in 42 games last year.

2K8 - Greg Oden
We all know the story about Oden being out for the year with knee surgery but what we don't know is how he will be once he returns. He could be fine and end up like Amare Stoudmire whose injury was on the side of his knee and didn't effect how he moved to much or if his injury is in the middle of his where he puts all of his pressure then he could be like Penny Hardaway.
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