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Originally Posted by Banks91
why do people take what Shaq says seriously??

In LA, he was slobbering over Kobe, complementing him, calling him best player in the NBA, etc etc.

First season with Wade, he talks about how not only has Wade reached kobe's level, he's surpassed him.

We know what he's said about Phil. Now he says this.

I don't take one thing this guy says seriously.

I agree with this. Shaq called Michael Doleac his "best back up ever".

The dude is just saying that. Phil has a way of making his players play better. Riley is just some other coach. 9 rings compared to 4 rings is definitely a huge comparison. I am not taking anything away from Riley But shaq is definitely trying to forget about his laker past.

One more thing, Without Kobe shaq wouldnt have won these championships by himself...who else was gonna step up... Samaki Walker?

gimme a break!!
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