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Originally Posted by LakerRaider

What, the Lakers Traded Shaq to Miami?

June 3, 2006

So the Heat wouldn't give up Dwyane Wade as part of the Shaquille O'Neal trade? Now Shaq and Wade are in the NBA Finals while Kobe and the Lakers are on vacation.

Makes you wonder what would have happened had the Lakers traded Kobe for Dwyane, one for one.


San Marino


The Times needs to discontinue its sour-grapes attack against Shaquille O'Neal ["Scaled Back," May 27]. True, he plays less minutes with Miami because he is older, but also because Miami has a bona fide backup center in Alonzo Mourning. No matter what angle you try to take (he has slowed down, he is out of shape, he wanted too much money), the fact remains the Lakers would be better with him than they are now without him.

Any team in the NBA would be glad to have him, including the geniuses that are current Lakers management. Less minutes, less points, less dominance, same results: an exciting run in the NBA playoffs. He is still the center in the NBA that everyone else is compared to.

So as you constantly were telling Shaq last year, get over it. The decision has been made and according to your paper everyone is happy with it. Basketball season is over for L.A.



Why does everyone keep thinking that Kobe was gonna be traded when he was a FREE AGENT. Kobe was not gonna resign at all with the lakers as Long as Shaq was still there.

All lakers needed to do was decline the trade for Butler.

Why couldnt they just stop being so picky and choose the mavericks so they could try and get Nowitzki. Or the Phoenix one where we could have Gotten Marion and Stoudemire.
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