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Default Re: Sonics looked decent that first game

Wilcox is looking pretty good, but there were a couple times he and Collison weren't able to finish down low. Nice half courter by Damien Wilkins, but he's shooting alot of pull up jumpers and missing. Durant is still very much a project to me, but his length really helps him shoot the ball. I think at the very least he's Rashard Lewis. If he starts building up his body, he could become lights-out. Wally looks aweful. Earl forced some shots, West looked good the other night on offense, Green just needs to keep practicing his shot, he's good everwhere else. Hope he keeps getting stronger down low. I'm impressed by how well the Sonics have played down low. Their main problem is youth and not being able to finish. Very excited that they were on cable tv because this may be one of the only chances I'll have too see full games of them; might have to watch on the computer. Wilcox needs to keep getting better and Collison needs to get a bit more lucky finishing. I'm liking Seattle, they've played better than their record shows so far. Durant-Green looks great for the future, and if they can get another scoring option next year then Seattle's gonna improve big time. Imagine this roster:

PG Whoever
SG Durant
SF Green
PF Wilcox
C Roy Hibbert

I hope they get something around 5-6 so it is justifiable to get Hibbert. Great start, Go Sonics!
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