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Default Keeper League question

I can only keep 4 guys and it's based on draft position.

Currently I have 5 guys who are no brainer keepers.

Amare 1st round
Josh Smith 2nd round
Dwill 3rd round
Al Jefferson 4th round
Durant 5th round

So I can't keep them all. Who do I keep and therefore the 5th one, I will try and trade them for a vetern stud that plays the same position. I am considering trying to get Nash for Dwill straight up (using the keeper aspect as added Dwill value). Nash was a 1st rounder, so I wouldn't keep him over Amare. Both Jefferson and Amare are C eligible.

I also have solid keepers in Tyson 6th rounder and RJ 9th rounder.

Thoughts/advice? Thanks!
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