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Default Re: Keeper League question

Originally Posted by RapsFan
So you think that trying to deal Durant would be the best idea, with Amare, Jefferson, DWill and Smoove as my 4 keepers?

If I deal Durant, I want a vet I assume that I would have no intention of keeping. Any ideas? Ray Allen type guy maybe?

The reason I mentioned Tyson etc was because it's also about value in addition to pure talent. Buy you're saying Tyson as a 6th rounder isn't as valueable as Amare as a 1st or Jefferson as a 4th etc?

Thanks for the input.

Your keepers are solid. Deron is the most untradable piece you have. Surprised?

Amare is a afraid of his knee holding up after the next 2-3 years.

Al Jeff is a beast as well, but doesn't bring enough blocks to the table.

Smoove with improved fg% and ft% would be AMAZING. Al Jeff and Amare make up for that beautifully.

My remark about finding scorers in the draft is a bit hasty. 30 point nights are going to be common place for durant. Maybe package Durant and 1 of your big 4...for an upgrade into the top 10. Now that is a better idea.

Tyson and RJeff have beatiful value and maybe you can add Tyson to the Durant package. With your Big 4 i almost dont care who else you have. Keeper wise.

Anytime...your welcome.
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