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Default Re: HOw many games can the Grizzlies win this season?

Ofcourse there is a reason they'll win more. Last season Pau, Lowry and Miller were hit with injurys taking them out of action for quite a while. Amoung other things; such as change of coaches, a ton of players who just couldn't lead the team, Brian Cardinal, no depth at the PG or C spot et cetera.

This season we have so much depth at the 2 guards spots it's great. Stoudamire, Lowry, Conley, Navarro, Jacobson, Gay, Miller and Kinsey. That's 8 very talented guys who can run at either 1 or 2, there's even a few guys there who can run at the 3.

The addition of Navarro and Darko. Both of which really help Pau and show him that this team is all about Pau. The addition of Navarro, Pau's best friend, shows Pau that if Memphis are willing to bring in his best friend then we (Grizzlies) must want him to stay. This has hopefully got rid of Pau's ideas of being traded, or atleast postponed them. Aswell as the addition of JCN, Memphis have also added Darko, who has heaps of talent gut just has trouble displaying it. Darko will be a great defensive presence in the post, altering shots, blocking shots and he will be able to help out Pau alot in the post on both the offensive end and defensive end.
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