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Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
I'm not sure on that, but seriously it's the only lineup we'd even have a shot at competing. Either way, without Bibby... Salmons will easily get over 30 minutes since he's our 2nd best overall player behind Artest, K-Mart is too much of a liability on defense. And you have to factor in Bibby and/or Artest having a high chance at getting traded at some point in the season.

With the way Salmons has been playing I don't see any way he doesn't start once Artest returns, I'm guessing at the PG position because he's our only playmaker right now. Garcia is too erratic.

Does kevmartin play defense like smush parker? Ole style letting his man pass him forcing others to help(collapse) leaving their assignments open for layups and jumpshots.

Philly letting salmons go was dumb. He has always had a knack for scoring.
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