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Default Re: Lottery Mock Draft 1.0

Originally Posted by Interminator
Completely horrible

1.Sacramento-OJ Mayo(need for playmaker)
2.Clippers-Darrell Arthur(with Mayo off the board,helps replace Brand if he leaves)
3.Minnesota-Roy Hibbert(Center is their biggest need and they'll stretch)
4.Philadelphia-Michael Beasley(Need for a SF/PF to pair with Iggy)
5.Phoenix(Via Atlanta)-Nicolas Batum(Perfect for their style of play)
6.Indiana-Eric Gordon(Need SG,Gordon is from Indianapolis)
7.Portland-Donte Greene(Rashard Lewis Jr,front court of Greene,Aldridge,Oden is scary)
8.Seattle-Chase Buddinger(Buddinger is a freakish athlete at SG,Dunleavy with athleticism)
9.New York-Traded.They're going to make some moves next offseason too early to predict what they'll do here
10.Charlotte-DeAndre Jordan
11.Cleveland-Derrick Rose(yes he will definetly slip unless somebody trades up)
forget the rest

You're Rose pick was even worse than my Thabeet pick. Rose falling out of the top ten is like saying the Patriots haven't scored a touchdown this year.
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