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Default 360/NBA 2k8 Question...

Alright, so i just got my 360 back from Microsoft a week or so ago and started playing NBA 2k8. So i play the game a few times, then in my 4th game of the season, in the middle of the game, the commentary goes off. So I'm like, w/e it'll come back in a min or two. Then that Disc is Unreadable **** comes up and im like ****, it better not be the Xbox again. So i take the disc out, look at the bottom of it, and see that the piece is scratched up. So i skip to my lou back to Toys R Us (buy 2 get one freeee) and tell them the the disc is scratched. So they give me a new one, i come back home and play the game, and everything is fine. Now fast forward to today.... I come home from work, and i'm bored as ****ters so i go up and try to get a game in. I get half-way through against the Rockets and the same **** happens. Now i check the disc and its perfectly fine. Is it the 360, or is it a glitch, or is it just me?
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