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Default Re: Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley

Originally Posted by Interminator
We're going to hear the talk heading up to the draft of who is better but this is basically a Young protype of Kidd/with athleticism of Francis vs a PG Prototype of Kobe Bryant vs the next Carmelo but much much stronger




After what I saw with Rose last night,I am simply amazed by his game but he isnt the type of player who is clutch and will put a team on his back.So if I had the first pick I'd take Mayo.

Beasley plays on the 9th against some weak school where he can dominate
Mayo plays on the 10th

seriously omfg @ Rose
Imagine if the Hawks **** this season up and he falls to the Suns

When did Rose prove he can't lead a team in crunch time?

When was there any question that Atlanta would **** up?
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