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Default Re: Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley

OJ has the most talent but some character issues and a very strong prima donna streak. If he decided to be balanced PG he would be near unstoppable, but I suspect he will go into shoot first mode once his ego starts blowing up.

Beasley is an amazing athlete, but so good he's never had to work at it. If he can respond well to adversity I would take him first, but have worries about his effort level and will to win.

Even without a jumper Rose is a dream penatrate and kick out PG that can play lock down D. He's going to make any team better, and if his offensive skill set catchs up will be one of the best pure points in the leauge. So I'd take Rose, and hope OJ doesn't blow up into the offensive nightmare he has the potential to be.
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