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Default Re: My Jamison-Dalembert 4 Rashard-Pryzbilla

I concur with mostly everything said here. My bench is used for depth, trade bait, game-ratio fill-in, injury fill-ins(crossing fingers), and whatever else non-starters are good for.

Rashard is the better player overall player. With gains in FG%(5-10% difference), ft% jumps 7-10%, blk and stls get a very slight edge to Lewis.

Jamison is the NBA's greatest specialist. 3-point shooting foward with great rebounding skills. 2+ 3's and 10+ rebs. Normally his %'s hover around 43% and 75%.

Dalembert information is accurate and true. Its not worth losing my insurance for cotton camby. Funny. 1st time i heard it.

I probably shouldn't do it...

What if it were Josh Howard for dalembert straight up.
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