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Default Re: My Jamison-Dalembert 4 Rashard-Pryzbilla

Originally Posted by LakersFO
I concur with mostly everything said here. My bench is used for depth, trade bait, game-ratio fill-in, injury fill-ins(crossing fingers), and whatever else non-starters are good for.

Rashard is the better player overall player. With gains in FG%(5-10% difference), ft% jumps 7-10%, blk and stls get a very slight edge to Lewis.

Jamison is the NBA's greatest specialist. 3-point shooting foward with great rebounding skills. 2+ 3's and 10+ rebs. Normally his %'s hover around 43% and 75%.

Dalembert information is accurate and true. Its not worth losing my insurance for cotton camby. Funny. 1st time i heard it.

I probably shouldn't do it...

What if it were Josh Howard for dalembert straight up.

Some deals you have to do just because you're getting a way better player. Josh Howard for Dalembert is an example.Take that deal, and look to then package Josh Howard with another STARTER for an upgrade at starter. Maybe you can get another backup C in a subsequent deal.

Laker, check out my most recent post re. my keeper league. Value some input!
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