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Originally Posted by Hoopitup111
Ben Wallace hasn't been doing very well this year. Just 4 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists a game. And hes not helping my FG% or FT%. I know they've only played about 3 games, but he somewhat struggled last year as well, and I'm wondering if I should trade him now, or wait to see how he does in a couple of weeks.

Any suggestions on who to trade for? I'm looking for blocks, offensive rebounds, and rebounds.

On name alone you could try to get Tyson or Biedrins. However, if the owners of them are smart, they won't even consider those deals. Bwall has been a disaster, so I am not sure what you can get. You might throw out some feelers, but if nobody bites, you'll have to wait and hope he turns it around some before offering him up again.
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