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Don't say i didn't give yall a heads up. Check it out.

Some sleepers i like that are waaaay under the radar. They may not be servicable fantasy players. But look out.

Marques Daniels indiana. Diogu same team same fastpaced offense. everybody will get a chance to provide

Posey...veteran who will get pt at guard/forward. Celtics do not a true point guard to run the offense. rayray, pierce, garnett, posey all serve as the distributers. 3 threes in 1st game

Jarod Dudley in charlotte will ball while Jrich and Gwallace play connect 4 in street clothes. OOOOHHH yeah, 5-8fg_6-12ft_11rebs_1assist_stl_16points. What did i tell you guys? In 19 minutes Dudly produced 8 attempts plus the 8 attempts he was fouled on.

Jose Juan Barea was incredible tonight for Dallas filling in for Harris. INCREDIBLE.


Sean marks in phx has center eligibility and rocked the preseason. 5-7fg 3-5ft 3 rebs 13 pts in 16 minutes

Nuggets Atkins when he returns.

Kyle Lowry and JCN

Ryan GomesYounger players rollercoaster through the first few years in their career. Gomes is a good example. Bad Gay today. Great game couple days ago

Bobby Simmons5-6, three, 3reb, 3ass


Nate Robinson...probably best chance on the list.

JOey Graham

Still waiting on others.

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