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Default My team is struggling...Drop anyone?

I'm struggling with Arena's slump, Felton's injury, and Korver's playing time. Here's my roster and FAs available. Any suggestion would be ruling of you.
12 team/H2H/15 limited moves

PG: Arenas, Felton, Calderon, Devin Harris
SG: M Miller, Kevin Martin, R. Brewer
SF: Korver, Rudy Gay
PF: Al Jefferson, Al Horford
C: Biedrins, Dwight Howard

FAs to consider:

Salmons, McCants (Hurt, but looks promising), Patterson, Milsap, Damien Wilkins, Diop, Pietris, Yi, Kyle Lowry, Ratliff, Acie Law, Wally, Jason Williams, D. Brown, T. Diener
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