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Default Re: Help me! whats going on!

I'm by no means the expert that some of the guys on the board are, but this is just my two cents.

Seems like you drafted more on name recognition and scoring power than anything else, and a lot of your players just completely duplicate each other's skills. Smith, Jackson, Nocioni are just examples. Not much focus at all on anything besides points and shooting.

You don't have one real defensive presence, or even one really good rebounder. Bosh might get you 11 or 12 boards on a good night.

As far as I can see you have 7 or 8 guards, a couple forwards and not one legit center. Look to make a trade or two to get guys with good Rebounding and Block numbers.

You have a nice core, but the majority of your supporting players will only hurt you most nights. Everyone but the 4 guys LakersFO listed (and probably Odom) you can afford to trade.
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