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Default Re: Josh Smith for Baron??

Originally Posted by LakersFO
Everything is open to discussion. And getting the superior player alone and ignoring your overall team balance is poor strategy 9-10 times.

The fantasy rule that stats...the team getting the biggest name is winning usually works in package deals not one-one. But i don't but into that fantasy guidline half the time.

I actually disagree, but everyone has their opinions. In a 1 for 1, if there is a great gap in overall value, you take the best player in the deal. In combo deals, I think the opposite is true. You don't deal Gerald Wallace and Jermaine O'neal for Kobe just because you are getting the best player in the deal. Again, from my experience. The new Kobe owner wonders why his team is terrible with his Kobe and Michael Finley (the guy he picked up off waivers) combo.

You're assuming no subsequent deals are made. If you need rebounds and are good in assists and points, you still don't deal away Deron Williams to acquire Tyson Chandler. You have to take overall value into account. Of course categories are imporant, but sometimes they can be thrown out the window.

He could probably turn Smith into a tier 2 PG and another good to great forward or centre.

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