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Default Re: Josh Smith for Baron??

Originally Posted by LakersFO
Kobe 4 JO-Gwallace

gains with kobe:

rebs..less than 5...
assists very slight

maintain everything else. Plus the throwin will put you over even more.

Come on now. You're using a pretty small sample by comparing this deal using the current seasons stats. If you look at last year, you lose in points, stls huge, bds huge, blks huge and FG%. Assists are a wash.

Again, the filler plays a role in this and that is an unknown.

My point is, you can be top heavy in a fantasy pool and that's not a good thing.

Like you said in another thread, you take the best overall player sometimes regardless of categories (CP3 for Gwall) and I think we agree that Josh Smith for Baron falls into that.
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