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Default Tayshaun Needs To Get Agressive

In the presence of vets like Chauncey and Rip he tends to take a backseat offensively. It's a shame because he has a versatile skillset including a decent (but akward) jumper and a deadly hookshot. His first step is also pretty good.

This guy needs to get agressive. He needs to attack the rim with intensity because when he does he almost always scores. Right now most of his opportunities come from open jumpers and transition buckets.

The first two games we saw him post up often and score off the second effort. I think this helped him grab more boards too because he was nearer to the basket.

I pray he takes it to the next level this season. He is more than capable of averaging 22/7/5. His post scoring gives us much needed offense in the paint and keeps us from relying on the perimeter scoring of Rip and Chauncey too much. On most any other team this kid would be an all-star by now.
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