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For an accurate evalution please provide # of starters, size of league, Type of league(roto, h2h), and categories.

PG- Barbosa
SG- Vince Carter
G- Rip Hamilton
SF- Luol Deng
PF- Kevin Garnett
F Tayshaun Prince
FC Jermaine Oneal
C Eddy Curry
UTL Al Harrington

Bench: Steve Francis, Mike Conley Jr. Tony Allen, Brandan Wright, Shaq

Your team is decent closer leaning on bad, but needs work to be more competitive in most categories.

Everyone on your bench needs to be upgraded.

Francis isn't getting any pt.
Conley is semi-rosterable.
Allen doesn't really produce.
Brandon Wright same as francis.
Shaq even in his prime was semi-useless. His terrible ft% more than guarantees a loss or poor rank. No matter his positive contributions a balanced attack is the best strategy.

Show us a list of free agents.

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