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allrighty, well its a 10 man league.. head to head... and yeah i just took brandan wright because ima unc fan.. didnt know he was gonna play 2 and a half minutes this season, so yeah prolly gonna cut him and.. well most of my bench if not all...

Category Pts
3 Pointers Made 1
Assists 1.99
Blocked Shots 3
Field Goals Made 0.54
Field Goals Missed -0.46
Free Throws Made 0.25
Free Throws Missed -0.75
Points Scored 0.5
Steals 3
Total Rebounds 1.5
Turnovers -2

as far as free agents there's Ronnie Brewer, Kelenna Azubuike, Jose Calderon, Jerry Stack, Fransico Garcia, Francisco Elson, Keith Bogans, AAntoine Wright, Marvin Williams, Paul Millsap, Carlos Delfino, Earl Watson, Joe Smith, Mike James, Al Horford, Eduardo Najera, Bonzi , Martell Webster, J- Will, Desmond Mason, Josh Childress, Rafer Alston, Juan Dixon, Antonio McDyess, Luke Walton, Reggie Evans, Mickael Pietrus, Yi Jianlian, and a bunch more people

anything else?
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