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Default Re: Tayshaun Needs To Get Agressive

Originally Posted by Patrick27
I don't know, I think you're being too hard on him. He had a career scoring night on opening night, but an off-night last night. I agree that he has to develop more consistency, but he really took it to the inferior defenders on Miami and struggled against the team defense of Chicago. He didn't have the mismatch this game, so Rasheed took the shots instead. I think that's the right decision.

I expected more from Billups than 14p/6a against the weaker Chicago guards, but Rasheed totally went off! I really like seeing that type of effort from him. That was probably his best game as a Piston, and not just scoring - his aggressiveness was unbelievable!

Thomas and Smith had great nights for Chicago. Ordinarily, that won't happen. I expect that'll probably be a top 10 game for both of those two guys this year.

Expect Prince to get aggressive tonight against the mismatch with the Clippers. I'll say 15p/7r.

He has the moves to score on Luol Deng, unfortunately he only took 3 or 4 shots the entire game.

15 points would be solid but not impressive. He averaged 15 the last 2 years. Tayshaun Prince can be a consistent 20 point scorer and he needs to show it.
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