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Default Re: Race to the 1st place in Draft 2008

I think the fact that Rose got such attention for his exibition game, he has jumped into the front already. Hype is a big part of the equation and Rose already has average college basketball fans talking. I'm not sure if Mayo or Beasley have played a game yet, but Rose seems like the type of talent that will be on SportsCenter all year long. I'm predicting right now that Rose's name comes out of the mouths of Jay Bilias and Digger Phelps more than any other players this season. I'm not saying he will be as good as Durrant or Oden, but I think he will be as good as any college basketball player this season. Mayo and Beasley will do well (like Hawes, Budinger, or even Wright good), but not All-American level like Oden and Durrant. I still think Mayo and Beasley will have good years and go top 5, but it is so hard to follow up a Freshman class like last year. It might not happen again for a decade, much less this season.
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