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as far as free agents there's Ronnie Brewer, Kelenna Azubuike, Jose Calderon, Jerry Stack, Fransico Garcia, Francisco Elson, Keith Bogans, AAntoine Wright, Marvin Williams, Paul Millsap, Carlos Delfino, Earl Watson, Joe Smith, Mike James, Al Horford, Eduardo Najera, Bonzi , Martell Webster, J- Will, Desmond Mason, Josh Childress, Rafer Alston, Juan Dixon, Antonio McDyess, Luke Walton, Reggie Evans, Mickael Pietrus, Yi Jianlian, and a bunch more people

Azu is too good not to pick up right now. No matter stephan jackson's situation. Delfino is an azu type. 3's, pts, stls and minutes. Keleena wins rebounds. Add webster to the list with blks. Josh Childress with boards and a single better no worse.

Calderon pure assists

Brewer brings fg%, rebs, stls alone. good specialist. marvin fits here too. I prefer brewer.

pg - Barbosa
SG- Vince Carter
G- Rip Hamilton...chose either rip or deng...they do the same thing. trade the other. I say rip.
SF- Luol Deng
PF- Kevin Garnett
F Tayshaun Prince
FC Jermaine Oneal
C Eddy Curry...eveybody in new york gets an uptick. Essentially a center vs of deng and rip.
UTL Al Harrington

Tay, Curry and Harrington will cycle out with your streaky bench.

Brewer might not get a chance to start...take azu.

Horford is a decent player. producing stls and blks.
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