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Default Re: Clipper-Nation Roll Call!

Originally Posted by qrich
Hop on the Clipper Ship!

Please any, and all Clipper fans, take your time to fill out your "Boarding Pass" to the Clippers ship.

Location: Orange County, CA

Favorite Clippers Player: Corey Maggette

Favorite Clipper of the Past: Ketih Kloss!!! LOL
j/k......Marc Jackson

Number of Clipper Games Attended: 34

Other Fav. Teams (All Sports): Clippers, Falcons, Trojans, Angels

Why you became a Clippers fan: Can't stand the Lakers......despite the ownership and selfishness, I appreciate that the Clippers are a true team...not about the glitz and glamour.

Anything else? Feel free to add more:

CLIPPER fan since 98! The team with Odom, Richardson, and Miles really caught my eye, and that's when I became a CLIPPER DIE HARD.
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