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Default Good trade idea

Cavs: Gooden, Damon Jones, Pavlovic and a 1st round pick

Sonics: Wilcox, Watson, Fortson and their highest 2nd round pick from 2007 and 2008

Since Gooden and Jones are the two highest candidates to be leaving cleveland this summer, wouldn't a trade like this make sense?

The cavs desperately need a starting pg and i mean eric snow desperately. Watson would be the perfect fit, somebody who can bring the ball safely up and play defense. Wilcox meanwhile, is someone who has more potential than Gooden but is somewhat of a gamble. I say its worth the risk though, with Hughes and James giving him a lot of room. Fortson meanwhile, could be z's backup. He would bring in defense and energy, two things z doesn't show on the court. He played very well for Golden State as a center back in 01/02. Not exactly a reliable backup because of his attitude (out of shape) and him being a power forward, but his contract expires after next season. For cleveland, the two early second round picks would be more valuable than one first round pick. Meanwhile, for seattle it might be vice versa. If they get the 10th or so pick in next year's draft, they can trade it along with a 25th or so pick given by cleveland to get even higher.


Watson (backup: Snow)
Hughes (Shannon Brown)
James (Newble)
Wilcox (Varajeo)
Ilgauskas (Fortson)


Ridnour (Damon Jones)
Allen (Wilkins)
Lewis (Pavlovic)
Gooden (Marshall/Collison)
The trio of projects: Petro/Swift/Sene (Collison)

The costs of the trade could be arranged to be practically identical for both teams. Gooden would be paid about 1.2 M more, which seems fair considering how much longer he's been putting up solid numbers than wilcox. Wilcox isn't pulling a Jerome James, u never know tho but no.. he couldnt be.
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