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Default Re: Good game tonight

Originally Posted by dd24
Yeah, it was pretty good d. The Clippers injuries have hurt them a lot. They are lottery bound this year. Although Detroit did hold them to only 79 a big portion of the scoring for the Clips was down low. I'm still a little leary of Detroits big men. Chicago tore them up last night and now a depleted Clippers team was able to score on them down low. Kaman shouldn't put up 25 points on us. I know I'm being a little nit picky but with someone like KG in the East now, it makes me wonder how Detroit is going to match up.

I agree. Like I keep saying, I think our frontline would improve in terms of defense and rebounding if Maxiel and Johnson are played more.

I feel that Amir is the best rebounder on our team.
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