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Default Re: Turkoglu's value

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I doubt you'll get those players for Turk. Maybe, you could try.

Is anyone else worried about Turk if the Magic sign a big man with their injury exception they just got for Battie? I have him and I am worried...but I am not sure if I am getting a little ahead of myself.

Originally posted by bballkings
Yes I read that report as well I really am hoping that they do not sign someone especially not webber...with that looming I'm thinking it might be better to just cash in on turk for whatever I can.

Should the magic acquire webber Turkoglu will be ok. The Magic depth is very very poor, one of the few teams with a weaker roster than my Lakers. Everyone will lose 2-5 minutes with webber playing. Equal minutes will be spared to save the team for the long season. Look at how Ghill has affected the suns production. Everybody is ballin'!!!!

Webber will also create even more space for shooters and passing lane for slashers. I love webber, injured webber is still extremely effective on the offensive side of the ball(in reality). On defense amazingly his rebounds, stl, and blks are still servicable as well. His basketball smarts are"timeout".
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