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I was just looking through all the major websites, and it seems like almost all of them have University of Wisconsin as a top 10 team.
For good reason. They're the team to beat in the Big Ten, without a doubt.

They have Kammron Taylor, Brian Butch, and Alando Tucker as their main guys
That's a pretty damn good nucleus, especially since they're all upperclassmen.

One thing I don't get is how Alando Tucker is still eligable, it seems like he's played 4 years
Well, it may seem like it, but he hasn't. He played all of four games in '03-'04 and took a medical redshirt. Not that complicated.

I guess they get a high ranking because they did well last year and don't lose anyone too important.
That's a pretty good reason.

It seems that Wisconsin could be like Louisville this past year
Totally false analogy.

Louisville lost Fransisco Garcia, Larry O'Bannon, and Ellis Myles. Louisville was highly ranked coming into last year because of the perceived talent of newcomers like David Padgett, and projections of how guys like Dean and Palacios would step into starring roles.

Wisconsin, on the other hand, has pretty much everyone important back, and didn't lose their superstar.
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