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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Well its a combination of that and trading TJ Ford for Villa.

They traded Ford and Magloire, who could be 2 of the top 3 players on a higher-level team... they traded those 2, not for players they could use or who fit their teams, but instead got Villanueva and a bunch of expirers.

Why's everyone so down on Blake. I liked him in Washington, and the Bucks needed a backup PG for Mo. Skinner will be an alright backup at PF, along with Joe Smith. Bogut's their long term C, so why not get two decent backups for one decent backup who they'd lose at the end of the year anyway. Makes sense to me.

Mo Williams/Steve Blake/Charlie Bell
Michael Redd/Bobby Simmons
Charlie Villanueva/Simmons
Dan Gadzuric/Joe Smith/Brian Skinner
Andrew Bogut/Gadzuric (?)

Okay, I got a little confused, but it still doesn't look too bad for an up and coming team.
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