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Fire Dwane Casey
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This deal make's absolutely no sence for either the Portland Trail Blazer..OR the Milwaukee Bucks. Simply unbelieveable! what are the two teams thinking! The Bucks have just lost a true center, which by the way is very hard to find in the league, for two bench warmers, a back up point guard and some salary cap? UNBELIEVEABLE! They basically gave him for NOTHING, zip. If they wanted a backup PG and two scrubs, SIGN THEM. Horrible. On the other hand, the blazers have just gained ANOTHER center to their roster, what are they doing? playing "who can get the most centers?" or are they actually trying to win? they just signed Pryzbilla to a HUGE CONTRACT, they aqquired Raef's HUGE contract, they drafted CENTER LaMarcus Aldridge, AND NOW, they aqquire Jamal Magloire? QUITE FRANKLY, all of those centers will have to be sharing time, thinking of moving some of them to power forward? look who we have here, Mr. Zachary Randolph! Unless the Blazers have more trades in their hands which can be potentially better or worse, this team is going to be fighting for nothing but last place in the western conference! Ladies and Gentlemen, this could go down as one of the worst trades ever in league history.
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