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Default Re: I'm worried about our bench.

I am not too worried, but we need to upgrade at the bench. SA and Phoenix both have a fake 6th man in Ginobili and Terry. I think if you count it as the 6th top scorer we are doing ok, though I haven't checked.

Although Hart has looked bad, Sloan likes his hustle/defense in practice, so I gotta believe a guy like that can suceed here later in the season.

Giricek is good for 1 of 2 threes a game, which is great. Maybe Miles/Almond/Price can step in here some.

Harpring is solid and will get healthier.

Milsap is excellent.

Collins....well he knows the system and is good as a bigger body against some Centers who like to bang. Plus he knows how to use the hard foul in the paint to stop dribble penetration.

Some tweaks to our rotation would fix our dry spots. I think we should rest Williams a little early and let AK run the offense til he comes back, then rest AK. In the meantime, hart can play small guard that runs and defends (maybe even presses the opponents pg). So there shouldn't be any time when either AK or Williams isn't on the court. Same for Milsap and AK to supply shot blocking.

We should be ok just cuase we have enough guys who can score.
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