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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Originally Posted by JellyBean
Not looking too good. UCONN 0 Memphis 10.

Memphis is running n gunning baby! Uconn isnt getting back on defense. Memphis is just pushing it...heck Uconns defense overall is just getting to thier spots 1 second too late and against an athletic, speedy team like Memphis? You cant do that. Plus Memphis defense is really pressuring the hell out of Uconn.

I would say Uconn needs to buckle down and force Memphis to keep shooting as opposed to attacking the rim. Gamble their shots stop falling.

Thabeet is one lanky mofo...not saying it in a BAD way but just lookin at his size and his arms...its like watching a freak from lord of the rings. Just incredibly long...wonder his wingspan, has to be ridiculous.
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